this is krakow. nothing revolutionary about this post, rather a basic first-time-in-krakow type of summary! I stopped by all mandatory places, ate delicious meals, drank cheap wine and had a really great time with the girls.

four ordinary things to see in krakow, and one extraordinary myth will follow:

♥ old town and main square rynek glowny

♥ wawel castle and the wawel dragoon

as a Norwegian I have this weak spot for folklore, and it turns out they do have them in Poland as well. before returning home, I stopped by a cute local shop to buy a coffee mug as a souvenir. the sweetest one had the castle and a dragoon on it. I asked the clerk “hey, what’s with the dragoon?”. and then the history lesson began;

a long, long time ago a dragoon lived at the bottom of the wawel hill, (I assume this means krakow). the dragoon was very angry and mean – killed the people, ate their food and ruined their homes. king krak (no mystery there, he was the king in this town) didn’t know what to do with this horrible situation. so, he did what all kings in fairytales do – he promised the princess and the crown (kingdom) to the one man able to defeat the dragoon. at the beginning brave men lined up to give it a shot. they all tried and failed. time passed by, the line shrunk, and the dragoon got to continue his dreadful act. suddenly one day, a tiny guy showed up at the gates of the town. he was tiny, and weak, and looked nothing like the previous brave and cocky knights. in the absence of better options (or options at all) the king let him have his try. the tiny guy asked for a lamb, some sulfur(?), mustard seeds and a night to prepare. he filled the lamb with sulfur and mustard seeds and sewed it together. in the morning he laid the lamb in front of the dragoon cave, just in time for breakfast. the dragoon was hungry and seized the opportunity of this easy target. and BANG! the dragoon exploded. his body dissolved and turned into gulp. the gulp runs through the city to this day. and its name is river wistula. 

it bothers me a little that the romantic ending, with the happily ever after was left out. so I’ll add some lines to get peace of mind;

king krak was thrilled and relieved. he organized a large and lavish wedding for his dauther, and the tiny guy. the whole town was decorated for celabration. guests came from afar. they danced through the day and into the night. and then they lived happily ever after.


♥ colorful kazimierz

♥ the polish countryside and salt mines in wieliczka

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