Is this for real? I’m speechless.

There is something about this place, that really is extraordinary.  Perfect balance and harmony. The color of the sea, stunning view from the bed, the proximity to nature, the smell of fresh air, no noise, no cars, no disruptions. No wifi in the cabins – please connect to nature! Only wild sheeps (that will rip your dog apart if they get the chance – so watch your doggo real good).

This gem is of course Manshausen Island located in Steigen, Norway.

To get to this island the friendly staff of Manshausen will come and collect you at Nordskot. These cabins are quite popular, so booking in advance is necessary. And as you can probably guess, it is kind of pricey. But on the other hand, I’ll never forget this experience. The calm and relaxed feeling, the atmosphere, THE VIEW.

The local food is on point, and so is the possibilities for adventures such as kayaking and boating. And due to the fact that there is only like 8(?) cabins on the island, the low number of people hanging around makes a very friendly and social environment.

Please take me back.

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