We had a short layover in Copenhagen on last year´s summer holiday adventure. With only less than 24 hours in the city, we decided to make the most of it – and, we did!

The day started with an early morning walk down the well known shopping street Strøget. I love Danish design (!!) – but managed not spending too much money before breakfast. Strøget ends almost at the waterfront, and from there we walked directly into another likable part of Copenhagen – Nyhavn. Cosy restaurants and cafes located side by side. We spent several hours enjoying delicious breakfast and coffee, before continuing the speedy Copenhagen journey.

After breakfast we headed for a tiny ferry trip over to Papirøen (the paper island?) and walked right into lunchtime! Papirøen is a street food marked filled with food trucks and a huge variety of street food. This area has great vibes – and it´s absolutely perfect place to enjoy a cold beer outside in sunny weather. After way to much food, it was time to let the body work. Next stop was the Church of our Saviour. We headed straight for the top, 400 steps (and yes, you will get dizzy walking those steps) to see the best roof top view Copenhagen has to offer.

Okay, enough of touristy things – it was time to spend the rest of the day as a local; let´s rent some bikes (and drink some beer)! No wait. Horrible idea. So many people are biking in this city, and that´s really great and green. The whole city is very well facilitated for biking. But don´t you ever hesitate when entering the road – the locals will not pay attention to a newbie like you. My pulse increases only thinking about it. I need a drink.

We ended the day exploring Copenhagen by night. This city never get boring, does it? And the great food experiences never stops, do they?

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