♥ Countryside, Florence

♥ a poop stained river and a leaning tower; pisa

♥ More Chianti Classico, please; Siena

In between some bottles of delicious red wine, I did actually learn some things this summer! Wine related, of course.

When enjoying a glass of red wine once in a while, I just stick with what I know. I pick the one I´ve tasted before – one that doesn´t give me any headache. During our travel to Tuscany this summer I managed to extend my horizont, a little bit.

♥ You don´t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the Chianti Classico comes from Chianti area in the region Tuscany in Italy.

♥ I have learned that I like the taste of a Chianti Classico. So that opens up endless possibilities to taste a huge amount of different good wines; as there are produced 35 million bottles of Chianti Classico each year.

♥ A black rooster symbol on the bottle means that the wine is a Chianti Classico. Not all the Chianti Classico´s got this symbol, so I guess you can call it some kind of a quality mark.

♥ I´ve never paid any attention to the vintage – that might say something about my level of expertise. But now I know better – for it to be a good vintage the grapes needs hot weather, but not too hot. Rainy days but not to many. And so on. In other words; complex. 2015 was a very good year. And 2013, even better.

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