I´ll have to write this post in English. Because, as a foreign traveler in Norway – this is the place you´ll absolutely have to make room for in your tight schedule or your shoestring budget. I´m head over heel amazed by this beautiful and zen place.

I love to find these amazing and special places around the world. Thousands of miles away from home. In Europe, Asia, Caribbean, etc. These places out of the ordinary. I always fall in love with these hidden treasures. But in so many years, between all those exotic places around the world – I´ve totally forgotten to look whats right in front of my nose. Our amazing and majestic nature, here in Norway.

Stokkøya sjøsenter is located along the coast of Trøndelag (Mid-Norway). The island Stokkøya is “only” a 3 hour drive from the airport, Værnes. The 3 hours pass by fast, as the surroundings along the way out are stunning.

Everything about this place is out of the ordinary. The rooms, the beach bar – everything. A lot of Norwegian design, and a true Norwegian pride. The food at the beach bar is so good, the wine as well. The atmosphere is of course lovely – a really cool and popular place to meet people in the summer. You´ll have to book in advance during high season – because a special place like this, as you probably can guess, is very busy. I´ll be back real soon, thats for sure.

I´ll let the photos do the rest of the talking. ♥ ♥ ♥

If you´re not in a hurry when traveling to Stokkøya – I´ll also recommend a pit stop along the way at a lovely little place called Råkvåg. These calm surroundings are good for the soul.

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